Bringing farmers to the city



We at the Leslieville Farmers’ Market believe everyone has the right to fresh, local food, and wanted to do our part to make this a reality. For the 2013 season, with the help of Carrot Cache, The Leslieville Farmers’ Market had the opportunity to partner with Applegrove Community Complex and the East End Community Health Centre to increase access to the market by providing vouchers to low-income families. According to surveys completed by voucher participants, fresh fruits and vegetables were the #1 purchase for the majority of voucher recipients, indicating a strong desire to consume the healthiest option when available.

Participants were also encouraged to visit our kids program where families can learn how to prepare wholesome foods together. We were happy to learn from participants that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the program was the opportunity to talk to the people who grow their food. With this deepened connection, and the increased access and awareness provided by such programs, we hope to motivate people to choose local, fresh food more often.

One of our participants who is a Caregiver and newcomer to Canada lives in the catchment area with her young child.  She was thrilled to receive the Market Vouchers.  She had never been to the Farmer’s Market and thought it was just something “people with money in Canada” went to.  After receiving the Market Money she went for the first time and had a great time with her young son.  She loved all the fruits and vegetables and it reminded her of being at home where fresh fruits and vegetables are bought at an outdoor market.  She liked sharing this experience with her child.

Another participant who is vegan really appreciated the large selection of things she could buy to feed her young family at the Leslieville Farmer’s Market.  Both she and her partner are employed in the arts and on a fixed income.  They really want to raise their young child vegan but often find it hard on their income.  They connected with a few vendors and learned some easy recipes to try at home.