Funding Criteria

Criteria for carrot cache funding

There are two streams of funding available through Carrot Cache:

  1. Funding from Carrot Cache
  2. Funding from Nature's Finest Fund

This page details the funding criteria for funding from Carrot Cache.

Our Funding Priorities

Regional food economies

Local organic agriculture

Community food strategies

Worker co-operatives

Who We Fund


Small Businesses

Worker's Co-operatives

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Community Groups**

Research and Advocacy

Media-Based Education: Print and Web-based media that advance a sustainable and just regional food system

* We only accept applications from farms that produce food

** You do not need to be a legal entity to receive money from the Carrot Cache.

Who we prioritize:

For Individual Farmers/Business Owners

From a community that faces systemic barriers e.g. Black, Indigenous, POC, people with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+, remote communities etc.  (this list is not exhaustive)

People without access to credit or capital who if they did not receive the grant would be unable to implement their project.

People that have not had support from family or a previous career that has allowed them to buy land and/or business assets (this could mean no access to inherited wealth).

Projects that have no access to other funding and that directly benefit people who face systemic barriers

For Non-Profits/Grassroots Groups/Co-ops

Groups with members that face systemic barriers

Groups led by people from the community it serves


System level projects that have an impact on improving the operation of a sustainable and just food system that have no other access to funding.

We Do Not Fund:

Organizations that have received funding from Carrot Cache 3 or more times in the past

Organizations that currently receive money from foundations, corporations, the United Way or government (including grants from the Trillium foundation).
With the exception of organizations that:

  • Have no core funding (no guaranteed year-after-year funding from any source)
  • Have a full-time, year-round staff of 3 or less
  • Have no staff dedicated solely to fundraising
  • Have no funding from family foundations / corporations / government or United Way for the program they are applying for.

Travel, individual education, HST, conferences and projects outside of Ontario

Projects that are completed and seeking cost recovery


Carrot Cache grants are between $500 and $5000


Carrot Cache purchases non-voting shares in worker co-operatives and businesses. These can be for amounts between $5000 and $15,000 and requires an accompanying business plan summary.