Fiddle Head Farm - New Processing House

The old processing house was too small and open to the elements. For the new station we decided to go with an A-Framed high tunnel covered with a white plastic skin. The new area was built on an old dairy barn foundation which is sloped for effective drainage with all wash water running out through a culvert at one end of the station. The 20’ x 18’ shelter houses two wash tubs, a greens spinner, hand wash station, and a spray table as well as storage for all of our marketing and packing supplies.

The improvements in efficiency were immediate. Not only did the new facility allow us to leave supplies at the processing site, but it also allowed us to increase the space and number of people working at the processing house at a given time. The previous processing tent could only accommodate two or three people at a time whereas now upward of six to eight people can easily work around tables set up in the facility.

We gave serious thought to the ergonomics of the processing tables and the through flow of vegetables as they enter from the field on their way to cooler. We wanted produce to move in one direction without bouncing back and forth between different locations. The improvement in overall flow of work was essential to our success in 2014. Hoses, drains, and power were put in place to ensure ease of use and minimal cleaning at the end of the harvest day.

We are grateful to Carrot Cache for your support in the evolution of our small farm and will move forward more effectively because of it.