Funding Criteria

Criteria for Nature's finest fund

There are two streams of funding available through Carrot Cache:

  1. Funding from Carrot Cache
  2. Funding from Nature's Finest Fund

This page details the funding criteria for funding from Nature's Finest Fund

Funding Criteria

Meet The Big Carrot’s Quality Standards

Products marketed as Organic must have a current Organic Certificate

Be a registered farm business

Funds are to be used for capital expansion (i.e. investments in new equipment, greenhouse extension, perennial crops, breeding stock, etc), not for operating expenses

Interest in becoming a Big Carrot supplier

Projects up to a maximum of $15,000 are considered

DESIRED Attributes of Applicants:

Be an existing vendor to The Big Carrot in good standing

Be an Ontario producer of high quality food

Be a business that is ready to expand (not a new venture)

Be Co-op positive

Share our values of an Organic and non-GMO food system

Appropriate Projects Might BE:

Row covers, low-tunnels, high-tunnels and greenhouses that can extend fresh production seasons

Purchase of Quota for managed products so our customers can obtain foods they feel comfortable using

Harvesting equipment, washing facilities and packing equipment for reduced labour and more effective post-harvest practices

Energy efficient Refrigeration and Storage facilities that will lengthen shelf-life to extend seasonal availability

Market Research to identify customer values so that packaging, labels, and website become more effective marketing tools

Laboratory testing to provide nutrient content and best-before-dating on labels for additional customer assurance

Training and equipment for effective fencing, composting, compost tea, biological pest controls, and green manuring that will contribute to improved quality and reliability

Soil testing and application equipment that will improve soil fertility for higher yields, improved flavour, and reduced susceptibility to disease

Irrigation equipment and water sourcing that will extend the ability to adequately irrigate with reduced effort and water usage

Transportation and administrative systems to more reliably and regularly deliver products to The Big Carrot

Processes that contribute to food safety with recommended cull and manure handling, water monitoring and treatment, animal welfare, traceability, and installation of more cleanable equipment